Ukraine and Europe

The twists and turns in the Ukraine and around it are usually considered from the standpoint of American aggression against Russia in the course of the Cold War. That is correct, but that's not all. At the same time Washington also solves another important problem, which is the weakening of Europe.

It suffices to compare the foreign policy context of the United States armed attack on Yugoslavia with US provocations in the Ukraine, to make sure that the Americans deliberately destabilize these countries on the eve of their accession to the European Union. Joining the EU by large (according to European standards) states with significant economic and political potential certainly would strengthen the United Europe and the States are afraid of it.

Indeed, the strengthening of the European Union means a weakening of American hegemony in the Old World. After the Second World War, Europe is actually turned into a colony of the United States, in terms of illusory sovereignty. There are many American military bases still remain in the west of the subcontinent, and thoughts about the sovereignty of European countries can only be conditional. How can we talk about the sovereignty of country, which was de facto occupied by foreign troops? Not to mention the massive penetration of American capital into the European economy in the context of the post-war Marshall Plan and the subsequent Euro-Atlantic integration, which is seriously limits economic independence of Europe.

As befits the colonies, European countries act as markets for American goods and suppliers of raw materials, particularly human. The "brain drain", about which we complain in Russia, is also indicative for Europe. States on a mass scale take out young scientists and specialists trained in European universities, thus weakening the scientific and technical potential of the EU and strengthening its own due to Europe.

In terms of actual occupation of the Brussels bureaucracy that manages the EU, and the ruling elite of European countries operate under control of Washington and play the role of its fifth column, serving American interests at the expense of the Europeans. To a large extent this is not a European ruling class but the occupation administration of the aboriginals, acting on orders from overseas. But Washington doesn’t have complete confidence in its puppets, hence the secret look after EU, which indicate spy scandals of recent times.

Using the comprador ruling circles of Europe Washington tries to prevent EU from becoming a major player on the world stage, being able to walk out of the American dictates and act independently, pursuing their own interests rather than serving the American. Nowadays leaders of the EU are highly pro-American and because of that often anti-European. This is what’s going on today, but what can happen tomorrow or the day after, if the potential of the EU will increase significantly?

No wonder that the United Kingdom, which finally lost its sense of national identity and, in fact, turned into another American state so bitterly opposed to the appointment of Jacques Attali to the EU leadership. Attali is fanatical apologist of the European idea, he stands for strong and independent Europe, while the United States - strongly opposed to that.

Americans rightly fear that, one becoming really powerful European Union will escape from the power of the trans-Atlantic metropolis. Therefore, States so far prevented the accession of Ukraine and Yugoslavia to EU.

Of course, a conglomerate of ministates formed on the ruins of Yugoslavia, finally ended up in the EU. But one thing was united and strong Yugoslavia and quite another thing handful of Balkan dwarfs, intrinsically unstable, economically unviable and warring among themselves under the control of American Ambassadors. Yugoslavia would strengthen the European Union, but squalor in which this country has degenerated because of American aggression, only weakens EU.
Ukraine is being transformed thanks to American "support democracy" into the boiling kettle of forty million people generally lost any chance to join the EU, at least in the foreseeable future. It is unlikely that Europeans will hang around their neck “Ukrainian cargo” full of unsolvable problems.

Washington got an additional bonus from Yugoslavian and especially Ukrainian provocation by creating tension and distance between Europe and Russia. The tendency towards the convergence of two European civilizations, objectively stimulated mutual complementarity of both economies, was a nightmare for Washington. What would have happened to American global hegemony in case of the progressive development of Russian-European cooperation with potential possibility of creation on this basis of a political union? Nothing would be left, and the place of the unipolar pax americana in Eurasia would be formed by two poles of power European and Russian.
To avoid this scenario, the United States staged a Ukrainian provocation struggling to embroil Europe and Russia, through their agents of influence in the European summit drawing Europeans in anti-Russian campaign of sanctions under falsified pretenses. At the same time EU is getting weaker because of these economic sanctions and this fact of weaken EU is very pleasant to the States.

Thus, destabilizing Ukraine, Washington pursues simultaneously three geopolitical goals: in minimum – attenuation of Russia, in maximum - dismemberment of Russia with its subsequent enslavement by the Yugoslavian scenario; the weakening of Europe and making the break of the Russian-European cooperation. Isn’t it too much? Is it time for Russians and Europeans to negotiate with each other and with the help of China, (which is also tired of global US hegemon) to resist the transatlantic applicant for the world domination?

Of course, with the current comprador ruling elite of Europe and Russia, this problem is unsolvable. But in the west of the subcontinent, as well as in Russia, there are healthy forces called the right or even the far right. They stand for traditional values of their people and do not want to trail in the wake of Washington's contrary to their own national interests. When they will come to power and will join efforts then American occupiers will be dropped into the Atlantic, no doubt. And this time, apparently, is not away.

Alexander Nikitin
The secretary of TSPS PZRK "Russia"
translated Anna Avenberg