Speech Sat.

I would like to say some words today, about a few topics. General Kvachkov, Imprisonment of far-right people in Russia and Western Europe, and relations between far-right people in RUS, and Western Europe. These topics have relations to one another in some ways.

Colonel Kvachkov graduated in Suvorov military school in 1966. Kvachkov started his military career as a commander of a Spetznaz platoon stationed in Pskov. In 1983 he went to Afghanistan and led a brigade of Spetznaz GRU troops in the Soviet-Afghan war. He was shell shocked the same year and had to undergo long treatment.

Between 1986-89, he was chief of staff of a Spetznaz brigade located in Germany. Kvachkov also took part in the Azerbaijan conflict in 1990, as well as the civil war in Tajikistan in 1992. He holds The order of the red star and The order of courage.

Kvachkov was the brain behind the plan of mining the corridor, which Chechen terrorists, led by Basayev, used to break out from the siege of Grozny. He was ordered an award for this plan.

After his retirement, he started as senior researcher in The Center for military strategic research. His work here was study of theory and practice of modern guerrilla warfare. This is in fact very interesting.

I will not by any means picture myself as equal to Kvachkov, but there are some interesting similarities in both our cases.

Kvachkov is being accused of planning and organizing explosions, sabotage and other activities in the Moscow region. Authorities say they have found plans in his home for such actions. The material they have found, is most likely just work and studies for The Center for military strategic research.

Of course you will find such material in his home. Such material is part of his work and study. Authorities also confiscated his uniforms, CD’s, books and a lot of other irrelevant things.

This was almost exactly what happened to me in my last house search. I was accused of having intensions of bombing political opponents, even absolutely no evidence of this was found.

The Police found some legal chemicals in my house and two army lexica. They are legal to posses. I am a former soldier in the Danish Army, so it should not be strange to find such books at my house.

There was nothing indicating I was manufacturing explosives, and even the police technicians stated themselves, that it was not possible to make explosives from these chemicals, without adding other chemicals which was not found in my home.

They also confiscated a lot of legal and irrelevant things at my house search. Personally, I just find it interesting that the circumstances in these two cases are very much a like.

The true reasons for the imprisonment of this great man, is most likely to be found in his political work. Kvachkov took 30% of votes and second place in the by-elections of the state Duma deputies in North-Western Moscow.

He was kept out in 2006, despite some persons making a hunger strike in his support. Authorities fear him, because he speaks what most people want to hear, and his words is not empty words, He is a true idealist who openly speaks his honest opinion, and this is why he is in prison today.

First of all, we all know, or should know, that people from the far right is being treated as modern day heretics, and as a consequence are under constant pressure from authorities in our respective countries.

Personally, I have had 3 house searches in less than one year. The last time cops were at my home, they put me in isolation custody for three weeks, under charges of having firearms in my house and intentions of producing explosives. These accusations were of course ungrounded.

I know three weeks is not a very long time. Many people sit in prison right now for years, and some are falsely convicted, in Russia and Western Europe.

I have friends from Denmark who have been handed over to German authorities for producing CD’s which is illegal in Germany, but absolutely legal in DK, but Germans can buy them on the internet. They face penalties up to 5-6 years, for something that is perfectly legal in DK.

One of the things I have learned in my relations to Russia is, that the situation according to authorities is much the same here and in the Western part of Europe. Of course I know that we have nicer prisons in Scandinavia, but that is not really the issue here.

The issue is, that our authorities fear us, if they did not, they would ignore us and leave us alone. In my opinion, one of the reasons they fear us is that our cause is right. Our cause has a large appeal to most people, because it’s basically founded in universally right values and morals. 

I am fully aware that far right people does not agree on all things. We are NS people, Nationalists Orthodox Christians, Pagans and so on, but we agree on 90% so to speak, and thus we should not argue about the last 10% that we don’t agree on.

This is also the case in terms of relations between far-right people in East and West Europe. We have some prejudice against each other on both sides. This prejudice is made up by media, and the ones who have written our history books.

My personal experiences with RUS friends, have made me realize this. We are not that different as I thought we were. I have been here 4 times now, so i think I can say this with good background knowledge. I have spent hundreds of hours with different persons here, both in and outside of Moscow, and it still amazes me that we think of so many of the same things.

All our enemies work internationally or globally, and we will have to do the same. This is of the greatest importance, and we must on both sides help to bury these old prejudices. Scandinavia Russia and Europe have a thousand years of good relations to each other, up until the WW2.

We must focus on those relations we had then, and not what happened in WW2. This was a brother war, made up of the enemies of Russia and Europe, and it took the lives of many of our great men and women, including my personal hero, CF v Schalburg, who was of Russian-Danish heritage.

I will read up a quotation of CF v Schalburg. “History shows in clarity that any people which gets it’s identity erased, soon after will disintegrate or live in the shadows of existence”. (1934-35 Div. Wiking)

As a closure to this speech, i would like to say few things about the far-right movement in Russia in general, as seen from an outsiders, or Scandinavians perspective.

Before I got here the first time, thought that I would mainly meet a majority of the type of people the western media portrays Russian far-right as being. Not too ideological skinheads beating and killing immigrants, but none the less fighting for their country and people.

How wrong I was, but how could I know otherwise? We are all to some extend under the influence of our media propaganda. What I found out was that the Russian far-right movement as a whole consists of many highly qualified people, of truly ideological people.

There is many facets of the Russian far-right, if these facets somehow will learn to work together, still independently, re-establish the old connections with Scandinavia and Europe, the future for Russia and Europe will be glorious.

Slava Rus

translated Anna Avenberg