Recently «Russian ethnicity theme» has become a somewhat a hot potato in the news media, and it’s widely used in the political “arena”. News and entertainment media is full of interpretations on this theme, but as a rule these interpretations are muddy and contradicting. Some say that Russian people don’t exist at all, other look on Russians as only orthodox, some include in this concept, (being Russian) everybody who speaks Russian, etc. Meanwhile, science has already given absolutely certain answer to this question.

Specific scientific research results, related to this theme is being blocked out from the mainstream media, and kept a secret. Formally these results aren’t classified material, in comparison to for example weapons technology research. This material has been published here and there, but the mainstream media have deliberately chosen not to give information about this research to the broader population. The Manhattan Project anno 1945 (nuclear bomb) at its initial stage doesn’t even compare in terms of silence. At that time some information nevertheless filtered into the press, but in this case – absolutely nothing.
What kind of awful secret could be hidden in this research, resulting in it to be treated as a taboo? It is the secret about the origin and history of the Russian people.
“What is the reason for this information to be hidden?” – About this question later. First of all, we will speak in short terms about the essence of the discoveries made by American geneticists.
                                                          There are 46 chromosomes in DNA of human beings, half of them he/she inherits from the father and second half from the mother. Only one man’s Y-chromosome from 23 chromosomes received from the father contains the set of nucleotides, which passes from father to son without any changes over a span of thousands of years. Geneticists name this set as the haplogroup. Each man today has in his DNA precisely the same haplogroup as his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather had, and so on through out the generations.

Because of the Haplogroups hereditary invariance, it is identical to all people of same biological origin. In other words to men of one nation. Each biologically original nation has its own haplogroup, which is different from similar sets of nucleotides of other nations, and appears as a genetic marker, a kind of ethnic label so to speak. According to the bible system of concepts, it is possible to imagine the whole picture as when the “Lord God” was dividing mankind into different nations. He marked each of them with a unique set of nucleotides in Y-chromosome of DNA. (Women have similar labels too, but in another system – in mitochondrial rings of DNA).

Haplogroups also change. In biology such changes is called mutations. This happens very seldom and thousands years apart. Geneticists have learnt very precisely to define time and a place of such intervals. American scientists have recognized that a mutation of such a type took place four and a half thousand years ago. On the Central Russian plains, a boy with a slightly different haplogroup from his father’s haplogroup was born. The fathers haplogroup is called R1a, the boys R1a1.

The mutation has become extremely vital. The Class R1a1 of this boy has survived (unlike millions of other classes which have disappeared when their genealogical lines were stopped) and is now highly represented in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavia and elsewhere. At the present, owners of R1a1 haplogroup account for 70 % of the male population of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In elder Russian cities and settlements, male owners of R1a1 accounts for 80 %. R1a1 is a biological marker of Russian ethnos. This set of nucleotides is also «Russianness» from the geneticist’s point of view.

Thus, Russian people in genetically modern terms were born in the European part of present day Russia, about 4500 years ago. The boy with mutation R1a1 became the direct ancestor of all men living now on the earth which have this haplogroup in their DNA. All of them are his biological blood descendants and blood relatives.
Biology is an exact science. It doesn’t admit any double interpretations, and geneticist’s conclusions on parentage are accepted even by court. Therefore, the genetic analysis of population structure based on haplogroups defined in DNA, allows retracing of historical ways of nations much more authentically than ethnography, archeology, linguistics and other scientific disciplines.

As a matter of fact, haplogroup in DNA Y-chromosome, unlike language, culture, religion and other creations made by human hands, doesn’t modify and doesn’t assimilate. And in case if statistically significant quantity of aboriginals living in any territory have defined haplogroup, it’s possible to assert with absolute confidence that these people take place from primordial carriers of the given haplogroup, which were once present in the given territory.
From an investigatory point of view, a inscription on a clay pot saying «Vasja was here” of course, is a proof specifying Vasja’s presence on the given place, but it’s only indirect  proof, because someone could joke, and or, simply just have written Vasja’s name, on the pot. The pot could also be brought from another district etc. But if the haplogroup of Vasja was found in local males DNA, this provides as a direct and incontestable proof of Vasja, or his blood relatives presence. It proofs he or his relatives really have visited that place and have left marks. The hereditary biological sign is not washed off. Therefore the genetic history is the basis, and all the rest can only supplement or specify this fact, but never deny it.

American geneticists who have understood this, have begun to roam the world collecting samples from different people, searching for own and other’s biological “roots”. The result of their works represents huge interest for us, as true light sheds historical ways of our Russian people and destroys many settled myths.

So, having arisen 4500 years ago on the Central Russian plain’s (place of maximum R1a1 concentration – the ethnic epicentre), Russian people have quickly spawned and have begun expanding the area of their inhabitation. 4000 years ago our ancestors left to the Ural Mountains, created Arkaim and «civilization of cities» establishing copper mines and international contacts to Crete, as an example (the chemical analysis of some products found there shows Urals origin of copper). At that time the people looked almost the same as they do now. There were no Mongoloid and other non-Russian lines in appearance of ancient Russians. Scientists have recreated an external shape of a young woman from «civilization of cities» based on skeleton remains, and as the result a  typical Russian beauty a turned out. Millions of women, of the exact same type live presently in remote places in Russia
About 500 years later, three and a half thousand years ago, the R1a1 haplogroup also appeared in India. The history of Russian arrival to India is very well documented, thanks to Old Indian epos in which circumstances of their arrival described in details. But there are also other certificates of this epopee, including archaeological and linguistic ones.

It is a well known fact that ancient Russians were at that time called Arias –  and they are mentioned  as such name in Indian texts. It is also well known, that ancient Russians used this name themselves, that it was not invented by local Hindus. Convincing evidences have remained in hydronymics and toponymics as for example – the “Aryan” river, “Top Arias” and “Bottom Arias” villages in the Perm area, which is located in the heart of the Ural urban civilisations, etc.

The increase in Russian haplogroup R1a1 in the territory of India three and a half thousands years ago (time of first Indo-Aryan birth calculated by geneticists), led to the destruction of the developed local civilisation, named the Harappan civilisation. Before the disappearance these people, who at that time made up the population of the cities in the valleys of Indus and Ganges, they began building fortifications. Something that they have never done earlier. However their fortifications did not help, and the Harappan period of the Indian history was replaced by the Aryan period.

The first of the Indian epos telling about the Aryan appearance, was formalized in writing after four hundred years, in XI century B.C. In III century B.C. in an Old Indian literary language called Sanskrit was created. It’s necessary to mention that Sanskrit is surprisingly similar to modern Russian.

Today, men with Russian R1a1 haplogroup, makes up 16 % of all the Indian male population and almost half - 47 % of their higher castes representatives. This fact indicates active Aryan participation in formation of the Indian aristocracy (second half of men of the higher castes which is presented by local tribes, basically Dravidian).
Unfortunately, there is no available information on ethnogenetics of the population of Iran, but the scientific community is unanimous in the opinion about Aryan (that means Russian) roots of ancient the Iranian civilisation. The ancient name of Iran is Arian, and Persian tsars liked to underline their Aryan origin, it’s obviously showed by Darius, who was very popular. This may mean that Russians was represented there in ancient times.

Our ancestors have migrated from the ethnic epicentre, not only to the east, in the Ural Mountains, to the south, to India and Iran, but also to the west, to territories which belong to European countries now. Geneticists have full statistics of the western direction: in Poland owners of Russian (Aryan) R1a1 haplogroup make 57 % of the man's population, in Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia and Slovakia – 40 %, in Germany, Norway and Sweden - 18 %, in Bulgaria - 12 %, and in England at least – 3 %.
Unfortunately, while there is no ethnogenetic information about the European patrimonial aristocracy, and by this reason it is impossible to define whether a part of ethnic Russians was evenly distributed on all social strata of the population, or as in India and presumably in Iran, Arias made the nobility in those territories. The only authentic proof about the last question is an indirect result of genetic experts’ results on identification of the mortal remains of Nickolay II family. Y-chromosomes of the tsar and successor Alexey have appeared identical to samples taken from his relatives, which were representatives of the English royal family. This means that at least one royal house of Europe (namely the German house of Hohenzollern with its English branch – Windsors house) has Aryan roots.

However western Europeans (owners of R1b haplogroup) are anyway our most close relatives and it may looks strange, but they are much closer to us than northern Slavs (N haplogroup) or southern Slavs (I1b haplogroup). The closest relatives with our western European ancestors, lived about 13 thousand years ago in the end of the Ice Age. In other words, this happened in absolutely grey-haired stony-century antiquity. Slavs, according to their blood characteristics are still further from us.

The expansion of Russian-Aryans to the East, South and West (it was simply impossible to move further to the North because according to Indian Vedas, Russians have already lived near polar circle before their arrival to India) has become biological precondition of a language group, which is called now Indo-European language group. This group includes almost all European languages.

All things mentioned above are incontestable natural-science facts, extracted by independent American scientists. Challenge of them all is equal to disagree with results of blood analysis in polyclinic. But nobody attacks these facts, they are just ignored. This ignorance is quite tight – knit, stubborn, almost total, but definitely not groundless. 

The first reason is quite trivial and it is reduced to scientific pseudo-solidarity. By mentioning them, it would be necessary to deny a huge quantity of theories, concepts and scientific reputations revising them in the light of the latest ethnogenetics discoveries.

Nobody would like to spoil good relations with colleagues and getting and being called an extremist by destroying settled myths. Such situations happen quite often in academic circles – if facts do not correspond to theory, so much the worse for facts. Now the history of race and origins appears in a new and absolutely unexpected light - this should have some serious political consequences.

In modern terms, Westeuropean scientific and political presentation of Russians is of as Russians just recently have climbed down from the trees, and not capable of constructive labour. This is of course a little rough generalization, but not completely off the target so to speak. Suddenly scientific research shows a different picture. This research shows very clearly that Russian arias had a defining impact on forming the great civilisations in India, Iran and in Europe.

Now it’s up to the western politicians and ideologist, but first and foremost those who control the mass media, to make up a more adequate picture of Russians in the light of these new scientific findings. It should now be easy to show the general population, in both Russia and Western Europe, that Russian blood has not changed for at least four and a half thousand years. Furthermore, we should keep in mind that Western Europe and especially Scandinavia have had very close connections for at least 1500 years. We should all be aware of Nestor’s historical writings about the Viking king Rurik. In both Russia and Western Europe, the fact that Scandinavians took part in founding the original Russian kingdom in around 660 AD, has been kept in hiding by Marxists. In Stalin’s time it was forbidden even mentioning that others than Slavs founded the old Russian kingdom. In Western Europe, the historical faculties were, and still are, dominated by Marxists and they of course followed Stalin’s line. We all in both of these regions, East and West, to some extent look at each other along these lines made up by Marxists. One of the corner stones in these new scientific findings is, that Russians is a biologically and genetically homogenous people. For example, Russians do not genetically look like Slavs. This is a scientific fact. The basic propaganda of Bolsheviks and present day liberals consists of negation of this fact.

One of the corner stones in these new scientific findings is that Russians is biologically and genetically homogenous people. For example, Russians do not genetically look exactly like Slavs. This is a scientific fact. The basic propaganda of Bolsheviks and present day liberals consists of negation of this fact.
In the scientific community’s presentation of Russians, formulated by as an example of Lev Gumilev, Russian nationality is a mixed soup of Finno-Finns, Turki and Slavs. “Our national leader” often repeats the phrase “scratch Russians skin, and you will find a Tatar”.

Why is this strategy needed for the enemies of Russia? The answer is simple. If the national and ethnic identity of Russians, or any other people, is being taken away this peoples self-perception is lost. This is very useful if you want to gain control over the richest landmass on earth, which Russia is. It is worth to keep in mind that these ideas were promoted by a non-Russian “elite” inside Russia itself. This “elite” was in the past Soviet, now it is liberal.

This is where genetic scientists interfere, and has found out that no such “mix” had taken place. They made a proof that a Russian people does really exist, and has remained genetically intact for thousands of years. Results shows that Finno-Finns, Turki, Slavs and many others do live in Russia, but as sep The Czech professor Jan Hus of University of Prague stated that “in the Czech kingdom, by law and nature Czech people should have first priority in society, just as the French in France and Germans in Germany”. This statement was not “politically correct”, it was called intolerant. This was one of the reasons he was burnt at the stake.

Today the methods of silencing critics of multi ethnic society, has changed. It is not possible in this day and age to burn “politically incorrect” critics of society. Today other methods are being used such as blocking information from the media, putting people to jail and so on. Up until now, non-Russian powers within Russia have simply cancelled out “Russianness”, by defining Russians as a mixed blood soup.
But now scientific research has completely destroyed their lies. It is impossible to hide these results; the only thing left to do for them is to simply ignore them. The myth about Russians being a ethnic mixture, automatically nullifies the myth of Russia being a “multiethnic” state.

American scientists have no reasons to portray Russia in a positive way, not to mention the racial aspect of this research in general. None the less their results shows with all clarity that at least 70% of the male population in Russia are of the R1a1 haplogroup, in other words thoroughbred Russians. According to the latest census 70% is thoroughbred Russians, 10% “mixed” blood Russians and the last 20% is made up of 170 different ethnic groups. This all shows that Russia is a mono national country, but also polyethnic with a majority of Russians.

The orthodox Russian church actually helped in the myth of Russians being genetic degenerates. The church stated that in the time before Christianity Russia did not have any culture, alphabet and was climbing round in trees. The church’s story is of course wrong. Russia has a long cultural history before Christianity.

Certainly, between biology and social sphere it is impossible to put an equal-sign. Between them undoubtedly there are things in common but as one passes in another as material becomes ideal, the science does not know. Anyway, it is obvious that in the same conditions the different people have various character of ability to live.

The father of dialectics, ancient Greek Geraklit is known as the author of saying «all flows, all changes». Continuation of his this phrase is less known: «except the human soul». While the person is alive, his soul remains invariable (that occurs to her in a next world to judge not to us). The Same is true and for more difficult form of the organisation of a live matter, than the person – for the people. The national soul is invariable, while the national body is live. The Russian national body is noted by nature’s special sequence of nucleotides in operating this body of DNA. It means that as long as there are on this earth, people with R1a1 in a Y-chromosome, their people keep the soul without changes.

Language evolves, the culture develops, religious beliefs change, and Russian soul have remained the same for four and a half a thousand years. The knowledge of history of the people obliges the person to try to live up to the standard of the great fulfillments’ of his ancestors, and this is one of the most dangerous things for the enemies of the Russian nation. Therefore, they also try to conceal this knowledge, and that is we try to make it common knowledge.

Alexander Nikitin
The secretary of CPC PZRK "Russia”

translated Anna Avenberg