"Onwards to Berlin!" or "Onwards to Kremlin!"?

The value of the Soviet victory in World War II over Germany is timeless, and the celebration of the Jubilee of Victory has a political and psychological importance without comparison. So it was, so it is and will continue - until the next victory in the next great war.

All the more reason to be outrageged about the cynical desire of the present Russian political regime to use the holy feast in order to strengthen its own political situation.First it was Bolshevik regime, then it transformed into a "democratic" regime, by appearance, but still the same Russophobic regime. After all "thanks" to this regime - Russian people are deprived of the fruits of victory and continue to be discriminated in the country, which they have formed and continue to form.

First Hiding behind the slogan of "proletarian internationalism", then "universal liberalism", the dominating "elite" systematically suppresses Russian national origin and destroys consciousness of the Russian people. The Russian people, with the support of other European countries won the II World War, suffering irreparable loss, but the Russian people did not manage to improve the general situation within Russia for obvious reasons.

This is why the hysteria dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory unleashed by State propaganda "hurts the eyes". A side effect of the propaganda causes some people to put stickers on their vehicles with the text "Onwards to Berlin".

So why do we need to go Onwards to Berlin? At the times of Napoleon and Hitler, it was clear why we had to go "Onwards to Berlin" or "Onwards to Paris", but why do we have to go now? What haven't we seen there? Those who have been in Berlin, knows that there is nothing good for the Russian people there. Why then yell "Onwards to Berlin"?Is the purpose of this slogan to scare Germans and tell them that one day we will come back in tanks for a visit and learn them who is the "Mother of Kuzma"? But from decades of German state sanctioned propaganda, Germans are already "frightened" and "shy of every bush". Since birth Germans taught a kind of guilt complex and have to feel sorry for the jews and pay tribute to them. So it would make sense to let the jews shout "Onwards to Berlin!" so Germans would not forget about the tribute they "have" to pay them.

In fact, besides the Jews, which managed at the end of the war to regain the land of their ancestors (which in itself is admirable) and achieve a privileged position for their diaspora (which generates widespread anti-Semitism), the only winner in the II World War that went to the fruits of victory, is the United States. Other participants of the global conflict, exept USSR and its occupied countries regardless of which side they fought, in fact turned into a US colonies.

The United Kingdom, which is entirely absorbed by America and from being the center of the colonial empire, it became a small province of the United States. It looks like England has its own Queen, Parliament and Big Ben, but in reality it lost it's independence.

Continental Europe is still not a conglomerate of new American states, but rather a group of colonies, a continuous occupation zone, stuffed with American troops. European powers responsibly following orders from overseas, but sometimes allow themselves to buck (only in words, of course), if these orders become too unpopular among popuation.

So why do we need Berlin? Are we going to war with the United States for the redistribution of their colonial empire at the time when our own land is overgrown with weeds, and there are many places in Urals where no man has gone before? Bullshit....

However, there is a kind of political sense in this Bullshit (delirium) and it has nothing to do with the unfortunate Germans. The slogan "Onwards to Berlin!" has a purely internal Russian significance. "Onwards to Berlin!" means "Only NOT onwards to Kremlin!". The present Russian power "elite" want to divert the explosive and accumulated irritation and anger within the Russian population towards outside matters. This explosive anger within the Russian population is generated by the regime itself because of it's anti-national and anti-social policies. The Russian power "elite" is trying to direct the attention away from itself because they plundred Russian wealth under the protection of the Russian government.

Admittedly, this strategy is so far successful, partly thanks to the aggressive policy of the US. The US is trying to finish off a wounded Russia. Wounded by defeat in the Cold War and finally solve the Russian question by destroying the Russian civilization. Putin's attack on the US only strengthens his position within the country. It appeals to the Russian peoples reflex to rally in the face of an external threat, putting the internal contradictions into cold storage, after victory over the foreign foe. Stupid Americans actually saves the Putin regime because their actions are actually mobilizing Russian the society to support Putin.

But it's not gonna be forever. The Russian internal problems are not being solved and at some point "somethings gotta give" "Onwards to Berlin!" distracts people's attention, but the objective antagonism between the government and the people is exacerbated but no less dramatic.The Critical thinking part of Russian society is capable of not to mixing the defenitions "Homeland" and Administration/Government watching the process very closely and with increasing anxiety. We shoud be able to see that the provocative antics in style of slogan "On to Berlin!" or intimidation of western people by brutal appearance of "Night Wolves", only help the forces that seek to ignite the next world war.

So, about the Germans. They should not be harassed by a Russian threat. The Poor fellows need to bail out of colonial dependence, until they became extinct imposed by the enemies of the human race, settled in Washington, liberalization, because of which people cease to multiply and voluntarily give up their land to aliens immigrants. The Germans, like the rest of the colonized nations should not see Russia as an aggressive fiend but as their only hope of survival, since no one except the Russian people are able to stop the plague of liberal globalization.

And for this we need to first of all to restore order in our own home - Russian Order, equally fair to all peoples power. The logic of "my enemy's enemy - my friend" in this situation is not working. The Russian administration and overseas hostile hegemony with their vassals, and the Russian ruling "elite", are ruining the country. That the real picture!

Nikitin A.I., secretary of the SPC of the Party of protection of the Russian Constitution "Rus"

Voytsinsky S.V., the head of the Party Control Committee of the Party of protection of the Russian Constitution "Rus"