Freedom to Lars Agerbak Wittmann!

Official comment of Party of the Russian Constitution protection "Russia" (PZRK “Russia”)

The central political council of Party of the Russian Constitution protection "Russia" makes the resolute protest against arrest of our colleague Lars Wittmann – the leader of the Danish National Front (DNF).

Arrest took place after results of visit made by delegation of Danish right organizations representatives to the Russian Federation which was led by Wittmann. According to articles from Danish press police hasn’t any legal grounds for his detention. «Military outfit», «stun gun» and other "evidentiary items" of the same kind simply can't appear as the basis for imprisonment even in so called "democratic" Russia, never mind such a «democracy stronghold», as Danish Kingdom.

At the same time Danish Intelligence Service (PET) also participated in operation on Wittmann’s arrest together with Danish police and Security Service. This fact changes radically the essence of the matter, moving it from a criminal plane to the political plane. The matter is that Lars has already visited Russia twice during the second half of the last year and not for the first time. He’s also visited Moscow earlier on. Being previously in Moscow he met leaders of some ultraconservative public organizations relative to “extremist” category according to all international criteria. But it hasn't caused anxiety among NATO Special Forces.

Theatrical national-radicalism with a public “swinging of knives” and defying by swastikas not only doesn't disturb liberal "elite" dominating in the West and in the Russia but also, on the contrary, such appearance seems to be pleasant for “elite”, as long as “TV – fascist” youngsters frighten burghers and induce them to search for protection at those misters-liberals who impudently plunder them. While Lars contacted in Russia with such «Russian fascists», it didn’t irritate anybody really in Denmark (to be exact in Washington – mother countries of the European colonies of the USA).

But alas, circumstances have developed in such a manner that Lars has met direction of PZRK “Russia” and at once has found with it common language – not ultra-radical, not xenophobic, but normal Right, absolutely positive and consequently politically attractive to the overwhelming majority among Russian and European population. CIA curators of the Danish Special Forces have felt threat immediately which comes out from consolidation of healthy potentials of European political Right forces with Russian Right forces. This consolidation is dangerous for pro-American liberal dictatorship in the Old World. And of course as it usually happens with leaving political systems being under total “police madness” Americans haven't thought up anything better instead of “giving an order” to Danes to arrest Lars on absolutely absurd charges. These charges look really absurd not only according to European measures but even by Russian measures of charge.

So we can only hope that the court of the Copenhagen differs from the Moscow Basmanniy Court with better independence and impartiality and Lars Wittmann will be release soon. There is nothing to charge him really, even by my exacting criteria of the old gendarme general. This charge can be only political – charge for friendship with Russian likeminded people.

Till now there are a lot of trails for dissidence in Russia. “Our” authorities have invented special clause for such cases – clause # 282 of the Russian Criminal Code (this clause is just an analog of anti-Soviet 58th clause in the Stalin criminal code). As far as I know recently there were no trails for dissidence in Denmark. Perhaps, Danish authorities will start to judge dissidents after «Wittmann’s case» due to old inertia of Cold War? If so, then Lars doomed to become the national hero in the whole Northern Europe! And we will of course help him with it for spite of gone too far globalist - liberals from the American State department.

In view of the aforesaid Central Political Council of PZRK “Russia” entrusted to me the following:

- to demand from the USA government and subordinated to it the Danish government immediate release from custody of Lars, having specified that negotiations between Lars A. Wittmann and direction of PZRK "Russia" can't be considered as a legal ground for his arrest;

- to address to activists of right-wing parties and public organizations of the European countries and Russia with the offer to organize the mass support-company of Lars Wittmann, colonel Kvachkov (Russian well known dissident) and other political prisoners who have suffered for assertion of their own convictions, ideology and beliefs in the EU and the RF.

On the instructions of CPC PZRK "Russia"

Secretary of the Central Political Council

Alexander Nikitin

translated Anna Avenberg