We have to acknowledge that the foreign media still pretty stupid, because they are confusing the Elementary concepts. They BBC made film about how Putin gives to "his St. Petersburg mafia» Russian land and the most profitable state orders. BBC is shouting that Putin is supposedly "corrupt."

But why do they use the term “corruption”? Corruption - is when the official trades its possibilities left and right. Putin does not do the same thing. Yes, he deliberately shares tidbits among his St. Petersburg Fellowship - everyone knows that. But whom else should Putin support other than his crew from St. Petersburg? Guys from Tambov, Kazan, Solntsevo or any other Russian cities are not the same and have their own “fields” to work with.  They have to be happy that the St. Petersburg mafia ruling from the Kremlin left them at least something and thanks to Kremlin “roof” they still aloud to steal, ruining the country.

So the word "corrupt" in this case is improper and even insulting, to underestimate the scale of the phenomenon. It would be more correct to call Putin a "leader”, but not a "national leader" as the official propaganda wants to represent him. He is the leader of a social group, which seized power and property, plunders national heritage and strangling Russia without letting it develop. Putin is the leader of the whole system, in which the corruption of the state apparatus as a way of existence is just one of the elements.

It is disastrous leadership for the Russian state and state-of the Russian people. Marauding interests of the ruling "elite" is deeply hostile to the vital interests of the nation. The ruling elite needs Russian people in the first place, as the victim to rob and, secondly, as a shield to hide from the Western opponents of the regime.

In recent years, there is fashion to blame everything on Americans and European "Russophobes" (often out of place) developed in Russia. For example the fact that hated by Russian people aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska was turned from the door of Switzerland still called for “Russophobia”. There is a huge difference between Russian people and people like Deripaska, which are much more harmful to population then hidden behind the ocean Washington. They are like worms parasite directly on Russian national body.  Putin vs. Obama fight is none of the Russian population business – it’s all their elite aristocratic games. As, however it is also none of US population business, because there is no Russophobia found on human level there.

Besides, look who's talking! Present Russian "elite" is talking about hatred to Russians? It is impossible to find bigger Russophobes, than present "democratic" owners of Russia in the whole world. The government and mass media is shouting at full blast "Hold the thief!" with the only purpose to hide this dangerous to the power circumstance. For example, the minister Lavrov the other day attended to destiny of the Russian girl Lisa which was raped in Germany by immigrants from the South. Catching at a straw in the German eye, the minister persistently doesn't see a log in Russian eye where poor girls like Lisa, (victims of foreign immigrants), are estimated in hundreds and thousands.

Russophobian hypocrisy in national politics knows no boundaries; the notorious "double standards" reach the top of shamelessness. So, Russian authorities expressing sympathetic concern on the wave of Islamic immigration that swept Europe, at the same time strongly promote the inflow of migrants to Russian from the Asian republics of the USSR. The Government of the Russian Federation is publicly support European far-right organizations which trying to resist the immigrant flood, but at the same time hunt right-wing opposition in Russian for the same actions and intentions as the right-wings in EU. Where is the logic?

But BBC harp on about Putin's "corruption". It seems that they don’t understand that corruption is only a small part of sins of the current owners of Russia. The general picture is much more serious and dramatic. One day the ruling elite of Russia will have to keep an answer to the nation…

Alexander Nikitin

The secretary of TSPS PZRK "Russia"

Voytsinsky S.V.

The head of the Party Control Committee of PZRK "Russia"

Translation by Anna Avenberg