“PLACE YOURSELVES ANY WAY YOU LIKE;                                                                       IT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE.                                                                                           YOU WILL NEVER BECOME MUSICIANS”                                                                (I.A.Krylov. Fragment from “Quartet” fable)
(Comment to public speaking of the Russian Federation president Medvedev.D.A.)
President Medvedev has renewed public discussion on theme of “existing political system” by his critical statement devoted to this object («being bronzed» - untranslatable slang by Medvedev, «marginalized» etc.).                                                                                                                                 The discussion leitmotif consists in that present system does not work in due course, it does not able to fulfill assigned function in a complex of the state institutes and that it is necessary to do something with this situation.
It just does not work – that is right, nobody deny it. But answers to an eternal Russian question «what to do» amaze by fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of political process and democracy essence as form of the government system.

Suggestions on "modernization" of political system with different nuances are reduced to following questions:  how many parties and of which type does Russia need and what kind of proportional parity should be between them in legislature. There are a lot of debaters and only the laziest ones haven’t noted yet by their opinion in this respect. But nobody comes to mind that such raising a question is simply illegal.

All requirements to parties are accurately fixed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the legislation on political parties. Any organization agreeable to these standards should be automatically acknowledged as right full political party. How many of them and of what type will be present in the future – these questions should be solved by people which are unique source of the power in the Russian State according to the Organic law. It will depend on as much as citizens will create parties, so much of them will exist, and further destiny of parties should be defined by voter at voting urns not by bureaucrat sitting in cabinet. On the contrary, parties urged to influence appointment and dismissal of high-ranking officials by the president, pursuing a policy in behalf of people which have authorized them.

The decision made by former president Putin to block process on formation of political parties through formal refusal in their state registration is nothing but direct breach of the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation - that is criminal offence. Today continuation of this practice does Medvedev (which is Putin’s successor) the accomplice of the given crime. This statements based not on political valuation of present situation but only on juridical facts. Medvedev being a lawyer by education can understand such things.

Political consequences of legal nihilism by those in power are expressed in that «existing political system» does not express interests of society, citizens don’t trust to parties "accepted" by bureaucracy which become “being bronzed” , ”marginalized” in political isolation and general situation in the country goes hawking. The logic end of persistent infringement of people’s political rights is only one – social conflict. Frenchmen speak in images when democratic mechanisms of the power updating do not work, «on coupe les tetes» - heads cut. And Frenchmen have an eye for this business after all they have invented a guillotine and have introduced it in revolutionary practice.
Any fair elections begin with freedom of party building. Without this freedom there is no political system at all if it’s possible to be expressed. When officials instead of citizens decide destiny of political parties and don’t admit unpleasant to them parties to selective process there is no need to hold elections at all because it is elections without a choice that is not elections but vulgar imitation. That’s what we have now in the Russian Federation.

Simply amazing how much totalitarian Bolshevist mentality is inherent to present liberal "elite". To anybody, even to the guarantor of the Constitution, it is not known that the Law needs to be observed, then and the operating political system will appear. All reasonings about modernization of that "has already developed" on the base of legal nihilism are just empty air to-and-fro.

The problem on reanimation of political life in Russia basically is not solved without changing anything in essence. Only Jesus Christ could enliven dead persons, and the Presidential Administration vainly tries to assimilate to Him, running into an arrogance sin. At simple change of summands places in present party-political system the sum remains former - that is zero, this is actual arithmetic’s analogy. The pertinent literary citation is taken out in headline of the article.

Medvedev correctly gave a name to incitement of ethnic hatred as crime. So, the interdiction for state registration of PZRK "Russia" is such crime also. The result is available – if you do not want to see right parties in parliament, than feast your eyes on far right ultras from windows of your cabinets in the Kremlin.

Alexander Nikitin
The secretary of TSPS PZRK "Russia"

translated Anna Avenberg