Chancellor Merkel statement about the national question in Germany.

(Position of the Central Political Council of PZRK "RUS")

In October 16, Chancellor Speech in front of the representatives of the youth wing of the ruling party. Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time in the history of postwar Germany spoke in decisive and tough expressions that have made the government's position about the national question.

"It is time to stop lying to ourselves: the policy of multiculturalism completely and utterly failed. In Frankfurt for each three children that are coming to school, two – of them are immigrants. People coming here for a temporary job and instead they settle down." - This is the keynote speech of the Federal Chancellor.

The central political council of PZRK "RUS" welcomes honest and rightful position of Mrs. Merkel and joins to her concern about the fate of the German people that are trapped under the threat of the mixed multitude, as well as all of the indigenous people of the European Union. We ascertain with satisfaction the change in attitudes of Western European public about the alien immigration, which takes the form of mass ethnic aggression and reshapes the ethnic, demographic and cultural map of European continent. Close to our spirit right-wing parties, which express this evolution of public opinion, one after another win the elections in European countries in spite of anti-national political and ideological dictatorship of the left-wing liberals, who until recently reigned completely in the West.

Chancellor Merkel's statement means a further growth of right-wing parties in European policy. It is a sign for historical reasons and comprehension that Germany is under total ideological terror of liberal cosmopolitans it has reached its climax. The concept of "German nation" was banned. Madam Federal Chancellor, officially, at the highest political level, broke the taboo and this is her historical merit to the German people and other indigenous people of Europe.

On the European background, which is evolving through the development of democracy mechanisms, the stark contrast looks encrusted position of the leadership of the Russian Federation, without regard to public opinion continues the « Judeo-Christian national policy" of the Bolsheviks, which is based on the suppression of national life source in Russia and especially the pathological Russo phobia. This particular policy is denying structure of the state role of the Russian nation in our country and encouraging mass immigration from the south. This migration brings Russian country crowds of foreign slaves, ethnic crime, and exotic diseases, exacerbating national and social problems.

The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow has lost its national identity – there are more immigrants than the ethnic Russian. However, in contrast to Chancellor Merkel of Germany, her worries about Frankfurt, the state of Russia not only concerned by the deplorable state of Russians in Moscow, but government is encouraging foreign immigration in the capital and other cities ( For example, ethnic Armenians have a majority population of Sochi).

The central political council of PZRK "RUS" recommends that the Government of the Russian Federation to impart from the Western civilization not only the worst qualities (it does it quite successfully), but the best examples that is in the Western civilization. We urge the Russian government to cease discrimination against the ethnic Russian by nationality attributes and reverse the wave of foreign immigration. In this demand in solidarity with us an absolute majority of the population of Russia. It must be done urgently to avoid destabilization of the national political environment.

Moscow, October 19, 2010

translated Anna Avenberg