Anders B Breivik: In service for the New World Order

Lots have been written about Anders B Breivik (from here on ABB) in many different kinds of media, including here in Russia. I will in this article point out my views on ABB and the crimes he committed 22nd of July 2011. I write this from the stand point as a far-right freedom fighter engaged in the struggle for the survival of my people and my Nordic culture. My stand points on ABB are shared by more than 90% of other far-right people of the Germanic north.

The main reason for writing this article is that I find it strange, that a relatively large amount of far-right persons in Russia look at ABB as some kind of hero. I have a feeling that some form of misinformation must have taken place about ABB. The information in this article is for the most part taken from Danish and Norwegian sources. I read Danish and Norwegian fluently of course.

So let's jump right in to it. ABB was not in any respects a hero. Maybe to his zionist masters, but not to us. He is right about his opinion on cultural marxism, and I will elaborate on this later in the article. Here lies also the largest contradiction in his "manifesto". A few facts about ABB.

-He was a freemason and have been so the last close to 5 years prior to his actions 22nd of July 2011.

-He is pro-Israel and a declared zionist.

-He killed for the largest part fellow Norwegians.

-There are many contradictions in his "manifesto".

I will elaborate on these and other topics of course. ABB is member of the masonic Lodge of St. Oluf at the three columns in Oslo. He reached the 3rd degree. The Grand master of the lodge claims ABB only was present at 4 meetings in all. His lodge, or freemasonry in general have never been exposed to any public or media related outcry or harassment. Something I find strange or maybe then again not so strange at all. The masons simply distanced themselves from him and his actions, and that was it. This is not normal media procedure, contrary to when the real far-right is under media attack. I think you all know what I mean.

ABB and Zionism. The fact that ABB is zionist and pro-Israel cannot be disputed what so ever. There is countless evidence of this, in both his manifesto and elsewhere. Here I will just quote him from The Jerusalem Post. "Jews that support multi-culturalism today are as much of a thread to Israel and zionism as they are to us, so let's fight together with Israel, with our zionist brothers against all anti-zionists and against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists". He does not seem to understand the enormous contradiction in this and other of his statements for that matter.

So why does me and many others not consider ABB a hero in any way? The reasons are many but I will sum up a few of them. First of all it looks very much like his actions were made to discredit the real far-right movement and everybody else concerned about our people’s future. Anyway this was the outcome of his actions. If his actions were a false flag attack for one or more purposes, then it will also mean he was not working alone, something I think is evident when you study the events just a little closer.

The official story tells that ABB who made his first million in Norwegian currency at the age of 24yrs and 4 million before he was 26yrs. According to ABB, he placed the money in foreign off shore accounts, to avoid paying tax to a government supporting multiculturalism. This means he was political aware already back then. Later on he spent the money on buying a farm. The farm served as a place of preparing his actions and as a legit reason to buy large amounts of Ammonium Nitrate. The key ingredient in an explosive compound called ANFO. It's also widely used as a fertilizer in agriculture. After 9/11, companies selling Ammonium Nitrate and their customers have been under the watchful eye of intelligence agencies. The sellers are compelled to inform about all large quantities sold. At the same time he was taking part in different anti-multicultural/anti-Islamic movements, internet debates and fore. It all culminates on 22nd of July where he detonates a 1,3 ton ANFO bomb in the government district of Oslo, and the 2hrs later he is on Utøya gunning down people.

This is simply not possible in Scandinavia. Everybody engaged on the far-right, or something just having the slightest resemblance with anti-immigration, will end up having the secret services attention. I know this for a fact. Within the first less than 2 yrs. of contact with the Russian far-right, I had 2 house searches. This happened even I have a clean criminal record and did not do anything illegal what so ever. ABB was a millionaire, he was a member of a gun club, had a weapons license, was buying large amounts of Ammonium Nitrate(6 tons in all) without producing any agricultural crops of significance, and was heavily engaged in anti-immigration politics/movements. At the same time he was making preparations for his actions, such as producing and testing his explosives, buying all the items needed on the inter net, doing research, writing the 1500 pages manifesto It's not possible to do all this for 9yrs without the secret service finding out. Not in Scandinavia anyway.

I will shortly point out some very strange events, before and during the day he carried out his actions. 4 days before, and on the same day the bombing of the government quarter took place, the Norwegian anti-terror unit carried out exercises, with a high resemblance to the actual events on 22nd of July. In fact only 26 minutes after the exercise ended, the bomb went off in the government quarter of Oslo.

Persons in unmarked black uniforms have been observed by eye witnesses in the government quarter, in the days prior to the bombing.

Several eye witnesses have stated there were at least 2 gunmen on the island during the shooting. One witness said he was sure shots were fired in 2 different locations at the same time. Another person tells he saw a shooter not wearing a police uniform, having thick dark hair and Nordic looking. Police stated ABB was the only shooter on the island that day.

After the bombing and before and during the shooting on Utøya, a strange chain of events took place. The anti-terror unit did not have a helicopter available that day, so they had to drive by car. Instead of going there with the original 6 men, the unit decided to pick up 4 more men spending valuable time. The communications failed; with the result that a loan officer who went to meet the unit from Oslo could not inform them that 3 civilian boats was secured for sailing to Utøya. Instead the unit took a deroute making the response time even longer. Contrary to this, ABB had no problems with communication. He called the police at least 10 times from his mobile phone. When the unit set out to sea, their boat was so overloaded that it started to take in water, and the engine cut out as a result of this. The unit was picked up by a civilian boat. ABB had 90 minutes to gun down people on the island as a result of the delays. These events seem to be a very "fantastic" chain of events happening on the same day, to the same person.

The real reasons behind the actions

The actions carried out by ABB were not in any way "far-right" or "nationalistic" motivated. One only has to look at who benefitted from them to find out what the real purpose was. His actions served different purposes. I will sum up a few of them. I will quote from the Norwegian web site Vigrid where the author has made several well done analyses of ABB's actions. Let me point out not all Christians are zionists.

" If ABB physically have carried out the actions in Oslo and on Utøya, we will most likely never find out for sure, but I find it highly unlikely that with such a long preparation time over such a geographically large area and being in contact with so many like-minded people, he would have done so single handed. In the ideological sphere he was well founded in the aggressive and conquering center of the international Jewry’s power strategies. He is a declared christian-zionist, "fronting" for Israel. Israel is the core of the international Jewry’s ambitions of world domination, and when this is achieved the new Jewish world elite shall sit in the temple of Solomon and rule the world. It is here the freemasons enter the scene. Solomon’s temple was in it's time build by free masons, hence the name Freemasonry, and this temple shall be reconstructed by freemasons in our time. Freemasonry is a strategically fighting organization for the Jewish/zionist world domination and all freemasons have compelled themselves to fight the enemies of the Jews and their zionist state Israel’s many enemies.

When Israel back in August 2001 in Durban was declared a racist apartheid state according to a UN resolution from the 1970's, Israel’s entire existence was at stake. One month later 9/11 occurred and the danger passed, now replaced with a christian-zionist crusade against Israel’s/Zionism’s many enemies.

Today some of the enemies of Israel are once again on the move, among other things through the support for Gaza and the demand of recognizing Palestine as a state, claiming back the borders of 1948 as agreed by the UN. This will of course mean the death of Israel’s possibilities to exist. In the fore front of this are the socialists of Europe and among them AUF." (AUF is The Norwegian social democrats youth front. The socialists of Europe taken up anti-Israel stand points have also resulted in the international zionists have shifted their support to the Neo-conservatives in the USA. This have happened gradually since the 1970's)

"AUF and their center for left wing socialism and anti-Israel under currents are in fact Utøya and AUF playing a central role in European socialism and Norwegian socialist circles makes them the natural target to engage. As a direct targeted action it will not only hit one of the centres of European anti-Israel under currents, but also deliver a hard blow to Norway’s self-imposed position as the world’s conscience, as long as it's an ethnic Norwegian carrying out the action. The Norwegian Social-Democratic Workers Party (The Workers Party) have for a long time been one of Israel’s best partners internationally, helping Israel getting nuclear weapons and military equipment. The Norwegian Workers Party AP has never left their communist ideology but just keeps them away from the public. So when this party’s powerful youth division stands in the fore front of the biggest thread to Israel’s existence ever, the recognition of a Palestinian state and a boycott of Israel, something have to be done. A message has to be sent to the future leaders of AP. The author and Israel expert Odd Karsten Tveit have written the book "Everything for Israel" and in this book he describes very well the genocidal state of Israel and Norway’s total devotion to the zionist state. The AP's pro-Israel line is what the youth of AP for a number of years have opposing, showing that in the future AP will become one of Israel’s worst enemies".

As side effects the whole operation also served to discredit the real far-right movements in entire white world. Back then, now, and in the future to come. Be assured of that.

Every far right movement/group and known far-right person was put in the same "boat" as ABB after his action in Norway, including me personally as well as my organization Denmark’s Nationale Front (DNF).

The German party NPD, the only far-right party of significance in Europe came under heavy fire immediately. The zionist media and by far the most media in Europe are under zionist control, started screaming for a ban of NPD. Many other groups in Germany of course also came under attack. It will take too much space to sum up all the events in this one article.

The actions of ABB also served well to increase surveillance on all citizens in Western Europe. These actions have given the secret services many more possibilities than before. Possibilities they could only dream of and I am sure we have not seen the end of it yet.

The zionists and their ever willing helpers needed to orchestrate an event like this, because the West European far-right have never themselves carried out acts like this. To the zionists big irritation. I am well aware that ABB at some point stated that he wanted to marginalize the far-right and anti-immigration organizations and thereby forcing them into more violent actions. This I believe was his intention, but this is not the right strategy for us and he is most likely very aware of this fact. Most of the real West European far-right knows that we cannot win with violence alone. Violence is for self-defense in this case. Even Reichkansler Adolf Hitler knew this back in the 1920-30's. Adolf Hitler insisted on taking over Germany legally and cleverly used the democratic rules to gain control of Germany. Many a time he held back his SA troopers, sitting and waiting impatiently, from taking over the cities.

As I said in the beginning, ABB was right about what is called cultural marxism. Cultural marxism is responsible for the political "correctness" ruling the most of the Western World, breaking up the natural family structure, "feminism" and many other issues harmful to any country or nation. Cultural marxism has its roots in The Frankfurter School and was founded in 1923 by the zionist/marxist Jews Carl Grünberg and Felix Weil. The Frankfurter School was predominantly made up by Jewish intellectuals. Gershom Scholem an Israeli theologian and religious historian termed the Frankfurter School as a "Jewish sect". "There is good evidence for very strong Jewish identification of the school’s members". (Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique)

Of early and influential members and theorists I can mention persons such Max Horkheimer, Theodor W Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Jürgen Habermas, Franz Boas, Wilhelm Reich and Betty Friedan. All of them and many others Jewish supremacists-zionists. Cultural marxism and political "correctness" are nothing more than a Jewish strategy to gain control over the societies in the European populated world, which of course includes Russia and USA. The Frankfurter School was closed within the first 6 weeks when Adolf Hitler came to power. The members fled to Geneva and then to New York in 1935. In 1953 the School/institute was re-established in Frankfurt, Germany by Horkheimer, Adorno and Pollack. Marcuse, Lowenthal, Kirschheimer and others stayed in the USA. What basically happened was that they gradually placed their students and apprentices in the educational, cultural and other institutions and spread out the theories of deconstruction of the societies in both USA and Europe. All natural values and morals was questioned like in Marx own words "In the eyes of dialectical philosophy, nothing is established for all time, nothing is absolute and sacred". So this is generally the reason everything is more or less turned upside down in the Western World. This is why all kinds of degenerated and perverted things are promoted as "good" in the name of tolerance. I will suggest that the reader of this article looks this topic (The Frankfurter School) up himself, it being a way to big field to describe in this article.

Cultural marxism runs through ABB's manifesto as a red thread. The only constant in the big "soup" called ABB's manifesto. He claims to hate cultural marxism and because of the obvious damaging influence it made to our societies, he did what he did. He however fails to recognize that his beloved Jewish zionist friends, was and are responsible for cultural marxism and that makes no sense at all. The Western media have kept the whole debate about cultural marxism out of the public debate, because they are afraid of this debate.


As in many terror attacks in the last decade, it seems that there are a lot of "hidden stones" in the water as regards to ABB's actions. The so called manifesto is as we have said earlier, a big "soup". There is something for every person from the national conservative to the national socialist to agree with, and then also quite a lot to disagree with. The only constant in these writings is on the subject cultural marxism, and most things written on this subject are true. However ABB, if he himself has written all of it, which many doubt, fails to recognize or even mention that a large majority of the people behind this phenomenon is actually Jewish zionist extremists. Finally the author of this article, whom has personal experience on how persons and groups criticizing immigration are being monitored in Scandinavia, will point out that this simply cannot happen in Scandinavia. Not without the security services knowing about it anyway.

Author - Lars Wittmann (founder and foreign spokesman of the Danish National Front - DNF)